Hosted Learning Management Systems


Not all LMS companies are alike. Most companies will sell you their software, then leave you to manage your own servers and hire your own IT staff support staff. Those costs adds up, especially for smaller organizations. These upfront expenses make it extremely difficult for smaller education providers to grow their programs.

EdTek does things differently. We provide all hosting and maintenance on our own servers, saving you the hassle and expense of building dedicated infrastructure. In addition, you get a 24/7 Help Desk to serve both students and instructors.

Unlimited free software upgrades are included as well. Instructor training is also part of our service, along with a dedicated Client Service Consultant to help your online program succeed.


"We have used EdTek's LMS offering for years and our experience has been exemplary! The system is the epitome of stability, the user interface is remarkably intuitive, and in case you do have an issue, the support team has been a pleasure to work with. In my opinion, EdTek offers the gold standard of Learning Management Systems for virtual education!!

Barry T. Lease, Director of Instructional Quality

Pittsburgh Institute of Mortuary Science

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24/7 Help and Support

24/7 Help and Support

Your online education program never closes. That's why you need tech support at all times - day or night. EdTek provides a 24-7-365 Technical Support Help Desk. Experienced staff members are ready to assist you and will ensure your problems are solved in a timely manner. Whether by phone, e-mail or chat, your questions will never go unanswered. 

State of the art hosting

State-of-the-Art Hosting

EdTek's high quality hosting service is managed by an experienced staff who go above and beyond the call of duty. We use industry-leading system monitoring and troubleshooting to ensure your online learning environment is stable and reliable.

Friendly authoring

Friendly Authoring with Limitless Content Options

Faculty members with basic word processing skills will be able to navigate and master our learning management system. Your faculty will be able to integrate any type of content into their courses, including video, audio, images and interactive components.

True mobile compatibility

True Mobile Compatibility

Rather than relying on students and facility to download and update an app for every mobile device they use, EdTek's LMS is fully HTML5 compatible. This means that it works on all modern browers, including the ones that come with iPhone, iPad and hundreds of other smartphones and tablets.